Dope Gods Part 2: Motivated By The Streets


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When JOAQUIN's homeland of La Perla, Puerto Rico is invaded, he wisely moves his entire drug operations to Miami, Florida.

His arrival isn't greeted with welcoming smiles in the city well-known for crushing outsiders.

In an instant, he is staring death in the face.

JAVIER knows that his brother is there to takeover the game, which is a direct conflict with Javier's hustle.

In this gruesome battle for supremacy, bloodlines take a backseat to greed and the thirst for power.

Will Javier's brutality outlast the the calculating methods of his sibling? Or will Joaquin prove that true DOPE GODS move with stealth and precision? The 305 has seen many, many drug wars, but never one as bloody and as equally contested as this one.