Dope Gods: The Code Of Silence


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JAVIER is a cold-hearted drug boss, with a fascination for fast, flawless women, large sums of dirty money and unchallenged power.

Besides trying to harness his enormous and dangerous ego, Javier's biggest challenge for superiority comes from his brother, JOAQUIN, who is the chosen successor to their father's throne.

With a deadly, sibling rivalry brewing from Miami, Florida to Puerto Rico, the death toll quickly grows.

Javier has the goons, Joaquin has the guile.

Who will survive this murderous ballet between two DOPE GODS? With extreme power and millions of dollars at stake, the family's legacy is up in the air.

Only one man can be declared the winner.

Will it be the brutish Javier or the schematic Joaquin? In a tale of immeasurable envy, cunning and greed, much will be won and lost.