Drug Lords (Part 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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Part 1

Born with a cold heart and an unflinching will to stack countless dollars, MAKARONI was raised in the deadly trenches of the Midwest where nothing comes easy, and everything that's strived for must be gotten in blood.

Makaroni is a savage who'll rob and kill on the command of those whom he's sworn loyalty to.

STEVO, his right-hand man, is all about acquiring duffel bags of cash, and escaping their struggles by use of the gun.

He has an obsession with crushing bosses, and dope boys alike.

All in the name of gaining supremacy.

The ambitious duo link up with a plug who offers them the keys to the game as long as they can complete three levels of initiation.

Makaroni and Stevo set off on a mission to conquer each level.

Along the way, they leave countless bodies, broken hearted women and a trail of blood, all done with no remorse.

But Makaroni and Stevo aren't the only killas looking to make a way for themselves.

As they navigate the streets and the game, the friends encounter STACY and his murderous crew of lunatics.

Makaroni and Stevo bar none, but are they truly built to complete their objectives and emerge from the ashes as DRUG LORDS? Or will they become just another pair of urban street legends that were sent to early graves?

Part 2

When MAKARONI and STEVO agree to ally with JAMICHAEL in a war against the Duffel Bag Cartel, all hell breaks loose.

Sensing the threat, PHOENIX looks to annihilate the trio before they can do any real damage to him and his squad.

The heat from his vengeance is so volatile and intense, Makaroni and Stevo must find a way to counter each attack with equal aggression before they become victims of a ruthless drug war.

But when JaMichael does the unthinkable and his hands are exposed, his true motives are questioned. Meanwhile, JAHLIYA looks to emerge as the Queen of the South.

At the same time, MONTANA stakes her claim as a true Bosset.

But is she being used as a pawn to offset Makaroni's rise to the top? With so much to lose or gain, Stevo's trigger happy and bloodthirsty ways may be the downfall for all of those that roll beside him. When the money comes in by the ton, there is a deadly price to pay.

Many lessons will be taught in blood, pain, and a barrage of bullets.

The dope game quickly turns into a ballet of death and sacrifice, as the battle to remain untouchable DRUG LORDS extract as much pain from the participants as it delivers rewards.

Part 3

After STEVO'S dirty hands are exposed by MONTANA, he vows to punish her for being disloyal.

But Montana's problems run much deeper than the eyes can see.

KANDACE, the queen of chaos, is out to destroy Montana and send him to an early grave.

Will her plan bear fruit? Or will she learn a deadly lesson about going up against a man who refuses to lose? On the other side of the proverbial coin, MAKARONI finds his back against the wall after PHOENIX and his goons attack with merciless aggression.

Makaroni is no slouch when it comes to war and bloodshed, but his strongest ally just might be his fiercest enemy.

When vast riches, and far reaching power is on the line, true natures are exposed.

Friends become foes.

Bosses are crushed, and new Kings emerge.

The rise to the top of the totem pole has never been more deadly.

In the end, who will rise up to become the true DRUG LORDS of an insidious game that will leave you utterly astounded?