Duffle Bag Cartel Part 5: Master the Game


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Now that PHOENIX has taken sole control of the DUFFLE BAG CARTEL, he looks to expand his mighty narcotics empire from Memphis, Tennessee to Houston, Texas.

In Houston, Phoenix encounters several deadly Mexican Cartels that are ready to assassinate him.

Will he regret the expansion or will he smash everyone in his path? When the pressure becomes intense and those that Phoenix has come to rely on begin to plot against him in the name of fast money and clout, Phoenix learns that loyalty to anything but money is a figment of one's imagination. With dirty money coming in by the bag full and his power strengthening, Phoenix becomes both the most loved and the most hated drug lord in the game.

Will this street boss remain invincible and continue to rise to the top of the game as only a few before him have? Or will he be overtaken by one of his many enemies who salivate at the opportunity to bury him?