F.E.D.S. # 26


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  • Featuring the main stories in from issues number 11 thru 22
  • Issue #11: Shower Posse ~ Ruthless Jamaican drug gang where murder came often
  • Issue# 18: Junior Black Mafia ~ JBM ruled Philly's underworld with iron fists
  • Issue #12: Boston George Jung ~ Helped the Medellin Cartel which was responsible for 90% of all the cocaine in the United States
  • Issue #13: T. Rogers ~ Named on the top ten most wanted gang member list in the 80's
  • Issue #14: Lance Feurtado ~ Notorious Queens NY brothers finally speak out about their life of crime
  • Issue #15: Noonie Ward ~ Inside the underbelly of the Gangster Disciples
  • Issue #17: 5% nation ~ Allah B. takes us into the history of the %5 Nation
  • Issue #18: JBM Lil D explains how 26 members were brought down bt the feds and not one member snitched
  • Issue #21: New York Freddy Myers ~ After serving 24 years in the pen New York brings us into the come up and down fall of a drug kingpin
  • Issue #22: Thomas 15X ~ Sentenced for the murder conspiracy of the great Malcolm X