Fear My Gangsta Part 2 : The Long Kiss Goodnight


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After having been banned from the crack game and stripped of his fortune, FEAR turns to the murder game to support his lavish lifestyle.

He must go off of the grid for a year, away from the rest of society, to train under one of the most reputable and feared killers the streets have ever known. During his hiatus, DETECTIVE BROLI presents BIG SEXY with two options: run Fear's organization in his absence or have his secret exposed.

Feeling as if he doesn't have any choice, Big Sexy agrees to helm Fear's operation.

With the product being distributed and the money rolling in, everything is running beautifully.

That's until DAVINO is released from federal prison. As soon as the ex-con touches the very streets he was taken away from ten years prior, he rights some wrongs and looks to expand his drug territory.

The problem is, the corners he wants to move his product on belong to Big Sexy and he's not giving them up without a fight. An all-out drug war breaks out in the streets and no one is safe. Will Fear make it back home in time to aid his homeboy in battle, or is he doomed to become another statistic?