Fear My Gangsta Part 5: Dead Bodies And Bankrolls


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FEAR has proven his gangsta time and time again, and along the way, he has secured plenty of money, but his appetite for murder remains as strong as ever.

Now, with CONSTANCE, an attractive psychopath with an insatiable thirst for blood at his side, Fear is ready to extract vengeance on those who have wronged him.

Things get complicated when Constance's heart gets in the way of the mission.

Soon, she has secret plans to murder ITALIA, the love of Fear's life, so that she can have him to herself.

Will Constance live to carry out her devious plot? Or will Fear figure out her treachery in time to save Italia's life?  Meanwhile, GUSTAVO moves forward with plans to rid himself of Fear.

And, back in jail, GUNPLAY has LETHAL at his mercy.

He moves to exact revenge, but to his surprise, a new threat emerges and all hell could break out.