Fearless: From Drug Dealer To Contract Killer


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From the pages of The Devil Wears Timbs series comes the chronicles of Fear. Follow him on his rise to become one of the biggest drug dealers of his generation to his fall from grace, becoming one of the most infamous contract killers in the game. Three cousins, FEAR, MALIK and WAMEEK all hail from the notorious Low Bottoms of South Central, Los Angeles. They’ve been down for each other since free lunch and share a common goal: get rich or die trying. Together they take over the drug game and amass their own empire. With Malik acting as top dawg and Fear and Wameek acting as enforcers, the sky is the limit. They crush the opposition and anyone else who doesn’t want to fall under their new regime. The cousins obtain ghetto superstardom and more money than they’ve ever dreamed of, but with this new found success comes a price that places them at one another’s throats, threatening to not only destroy them but everything that they’d built from the ground up. Will the cousins come to their senses before its too late and realize that the very thing that they love is tearing them apart? Or will they find themselves six feet deep before it’s all said and done?