For the Love of a Boss: Loyalty and Lies

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TAJ and KALISSA are lifelong friends with a bond that can't be broken even though their lifestyles are so different.

Taj aspires to evolve from a mid-level hustler to top dog in the game.

He craves the fast money, bad women, and the respect he'll receive as he ascends to the pinnacle of success. Meanwhile, Kalissa's main priorities are love and family.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, Kalissa can't seem to find the right man.

After vowing not to date hustlers and ballers due to the throngs of thirsty women in their lives, Kalissa seems destined to be unhappy and alone.

Then, the unexpected happens. When NIGEL enters the picture full of good looks and charisma, but firmly entrenched in the streets, will Kalissa be able to stick to her sworn principles? Or will her heart change FOR THE LOVE OF A BOSS?