Forbidden Pleasure


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Four women, each going through different phases in their lives, seek comfort in each other and forms a women's society.


One, Taylor, is a housewife and has never experienced sex with anyone other than her husband.

She joins thinking that it's one thing, but it turns out to be something different.

What happens when she lets her guard down and the other women take advantage of her? Meanwhile, at Waymart Correctional Facility, what started off as harmless flirting, suddenly became much more.

With nothing to gain and everything to lose, one inmate and a staff member find a forbidden passion within the confines of a state institution.

What happens in a prison, should stay in a prison, right? Wrong!

Come into the lives of these prison guards, inmates, nurses, counselors, and so many others and see their everyday struggles.

Sex, sex, and more sex is only the half of it.

What you see on the outside is nothing compared to what happens on the inside.