Forever Gangsta: 1008 Grams


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KILLA KEV is a notorious gangsta from the east side of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

After years of putting in work, living life on the edge and lettin' that steel bark, Kev is finally ready to call it quits.

The game has been sweet to him over the years, but karma is inevitable.

When gunfire erupts, leaving Kev fighting for his life, and someone close to him in the morgue, will the gangsta come back out of Kev or will he accept his loss like he accepted his wins? Meanwhile, Kev must confront an unrelenting truth: Time holds the key to all secrets.

And while some secrets are buried and gone, a true gangsta will never let them die.

Kev is in a race against time to reveal the secrets behind the hate of his most sworn enemies.

When betrayal comes by way of those closest to him, there is no one left for him to trust.

Will betrayal be the demise of Kev? Or will the notorious savage remain FOREVER GANGSTA?