Friend or Foe Part 2: Unforgivable Betrayal


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A sisterhood that had been tighter than a whore's dress has been completely destroyed.

After discovering that her husband has fathered a child with her best friend, SASHA, in an extreme state of emotional vulnerability, falls for NASIR, a man who is definitely forbidden fruit.

And with that, comes the drama

JADE has been infected with HIV, a shocking development that has her drowning in alcohol abuse.

At the same time, the sisterhood she shared with her friends is in tatters and it seems nothing can repair the women's bond.

But all hope is not lost. Meanwhile, CARMEN and DENISE are facing their own dilemmas.

Will Carmen be able to hold it together or will she try to end it all? Unforgivable Sins turn to Unforgivable Betrayal as more secrets unfold, and the question remains: is it FRIEND OR FOE?