Friend or Foe: Unforgivable Sins


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JADE, CARMEN, SASHA and AMEKIA think they have an unbreakable friendship that's held together by their weekly girls' night, but their lives aren't what they portray them to be.

Jade, a respected social worker, falls head over heels for a man who may put a major strain on her friendships and her life.

Meanwhile, Carmen is getting death threats from the most unlikely people in her life.

The harassment leads her to wonder who can she trust.

While Sasha, a lawyer, who is married to the man she once adored, finds herself the object of one of her client's affection.

Could this dichotomy lead to divorce, murder and mayhem? Amekia, the most open one of the group, isn't telling all of her business.

She's holding an explosive secret that could blow up at any moment.

Slowly, the women's bond unravels and things get out of control.

Will they discover what they thought was real wasn't? Is it FRIEND OR FOE?