Gangland Cartel Part 2: The Cuban Cartel


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After being gunned down by the leader of the New York Crips and put in a coma, RUGAR rebounds in a manner that makes him even stronger than he was before the attempt on his life. With a new position amongst the Jumbo Cartel family, and with PYT by his side, the audacious gangsta is primed to regain his power.

How will PYT's new position within the Empire affect the other members? How will the Empire deal with the Muslims trying to take over the East Coast drug trade while wiping out all gang turfs?

Meanwhile, down in Miami, the battle for the throne has become as hot as an inferno. Can one man regain the streets from behind the scene? Or will his well-devised plan be met with a fullisade of gunfire? In the world of the GANGLAND CARTEL, nothing is guaranteed but death.