Gangland Cartel Part 3: From Family to Enemies


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After PYT is kidnapped, her life is in the hands of two of the country's most deadly people.

Will she ever see her loved ones again? When Pyt disappears, RUGAR seems to have lost his soul and when he discovers that someone close to the GANGLAND CARTEL had something to do with it, the Earth will tremble in the wake of his wrath.

In the midst of of a brewing bloodshed, NAYA comes home from prison determined to live a different life than before.

But she quickly finds out that change is a hard beast to master.

Will she be able to stay away from the game? Or will she reclaim the Empire she helped build? Meanwhile, ROME and PRESSURE are still the King and Prince of Miami, respectively.

But there are snakes in their garden, slithering around with betrayal in their hearts.

When deep secrets come to the surface, who will be safe from death when it comes calling?