Gangland Cartel (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1:

RUGOR and LIL C hail from Harlem.

Both young savages come from similar gangbanging backgrounds that has elevated their names in the streets.

But Lil C has a bright future away from the gang set.

While Rugor is on his way to gangster immortality.

When they cross paths, a solid friendship is formed but will it survive the drama that waits on the horizon? As their respective gangs rise in stature and a threat to both crews emerge, Harlem becomes a war zone.

Will Rugor be forced to turn on Lil C? Will Lil C see Rugor as a rival that must be eliminated? With money, sex, violence, murder, and envy in the air, a GANGLAND CARTEL is needed to squash the competition.

Who will head the murderous clique? Will it be the ruthless, calculating Rugor? Or will the more reserved Lil C reign in the end?

Book 2:

After being gunned down by the leader of the New York Crips and put in a coma, RUGAR rebounds in a manner that makes him even stronger than he was before the attempt on his life.

With a new position amongst the Jumbo Cartel family, and with PYT by his side, the audacious gangsta is primed to regain his power.

How will PYT's new position within the Empire affect the other members? How will the Empire deal with the Muslims trying to take over the East Coast drug trade while wiping out all gang turfs? Meanwhile, down in Miami, the battle for the throne has become as hot as an inferno.

Can one man regain the streets from behind the scene? Or will his well-devised plan be met with a full side of gunfire? In the world of the GANGLAND CARTEL, nothing is guaranteed but death.

Book 3:

After PYT is kidnapped, her life is in the hands of two of the country's most deadly people.

Will she ever see her loved ones again? When Pyt disappears, RUGAR seems to have lost his soul and when he discovers that someone close to the GANGLAND CARTEL had something to do with it, the Earth will tremble in the wake of his wrath.

In the midst of of a brewing bloodshed, NAYA comes home from prison determined to live a different life than before.

But she quickly finds out that change is a hard beast to master.

Will she be able to stay away from the game? Or will she reclaim the Empire she helped build? Meanwhile, ROME and PRESSURE are still the King and Prince of Miami, respectively.

But there are snakes in their garden, slithering around with betrayal in their hearts.

When deep secrets come to the surface, who will be safe from death when it comes calling?