Gangstress Part 2: Female Mafia Strikes Again


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Follow the rise and fall of Detroit's most wanted gangstress!

The odds have been stacked against Janelle Doesher ever since her parents were murdered in cold blood. She's been stripped of the money, power, and respect associated with the family name. Never one to settle for the hand she'd been dealt, Jane takes destiny into her own hands. She does whatever is necessary to rise to the top, and that includes stepping on toes and making more enemies than anticipated. Nonetheless, with Ace and Alicia by her side, she's unstoppable, until the unthinkable happens. Ride with Jane as she maneuvers through the twists and turns of the game. Will she survive, or will she succumb to the streets? One thing is for sure: if you aim for the queen, you better not miss!

After walking away from the mall shooting meant to end her life, Janelle Doesher is ready for war! Overnight she transforms from a bad girl into a gangstress who makes no apologies for being raw and ruthless. Her world begins to revolve around guns, drugs, and murder. With ties to the mafia, she and the ladies of AFM are unstoppable for years, until the indictment comes in. Suddenly, Jane Doe goes from being the most ruthless chick in America to America's Most Wanted. Will the verdict turn out in her favor, or will she become state property?