Glocks on Satin Sheets: Blood and Passion


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Steamy sex, and a string of vicious lies mixed with an abundance of money create a raging storm of emotions that might lead to disaster.

DERRICK is an attractive man with a bright future.

His beautiful wife, MARTINA, adores him.

But they both have secrets that might bring their marriage to a bitter end.

On the outside of it all is APRIL, a sexy, messy, conniving woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants out of life.

When her shady dealings with an ex-lover leads her into Derrick's arms, which one of them will be the fool? Will Derrick pay the ultimate price for succumbing to temptation? Or will April finally get what she's had coming to her for years when the scandalous streets crawl between her satin sheets?