God Bless the Trappers Part 2


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Having discovered that the love of her life, KREON, has a mental illness, ODETTE, realizes that it will take all that they have if they're going to defeat the odds and sustain a relationship.

Things become even more hectic for the couple when Odette's estranged husband, CARLOS, comes back into town looking to win over the love of his wife and kid.

Seeing that his baby momma's boyfriend holds more sway over his loved ones' hearts than he does, devastates him.

Hurt and angry, Carlos is willing to do anything to get his family back, even if that means killing Kreon.

Meanwhile, JAEKWON is feeling the weight on his shoulders from the FEDS to bring them enough information to guarantee uncle OMAR'S conviction.

Will Jaekwon cooperate with Federal agents, Bland and Burton, and help them bring down his own blood? Or will he take his charge like a G and face the consequences for his actions?