Gorilla Khan


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Two youths from entirely different cultures struggle for the same thing, power. In their quest to become King of the Underworld, they stop at nothing to transform their environment in the shape of their ideas. One, mixed black inner city kid Otis Banks who struggles with his identity is convinced that nothing can hinder him from being crowned King. With extraordinary leadership he strings together a band of vicious goons and sets out to take what's his. Anthony Maldada, upper middle class Puerto Rican who is confident in his craft is out for blood as a result of betrayal. With a new wave electronic bow and arrow, he vows to destroy anything in his path. With the only thing in both of their way being the impenetrable Gaston Spanish Mafia, who will be crowned chief? Journey with both youths through a world of betrayal, action, suspense, sex and family. Follow them into the fusion of their cultures and allow their lives to breathe into your imagination. In the world of criminal enterprises, there can only be one King, one Gorilla Khan, who will it be?