Gorillaz in the Bay (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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Back on the streets after serving a three-year prison bid, T-RIDA is faced with mad drama and huge obstacles, including a baby mama whose troubles become an added weight on his back.

The future doesn't look promising until he takes to the streets to do what he does best, lay suckaz down

But at what price will his criminal prosperity come? When a man chooses to dance with the Devil, he must pay for his sins.

Can T-Rida escape the inevitable downfall as he and his crew climb to the top in the game and prove that they are the real GORILLAZ IN THE BAY? Or will he meet a fatal demise? T-Rida's homies, TOMMY GUNZ and VOORHEEZE, are about that gun smoke too, as they clique up to form the Neva Die Dragon Gang, the Bay area's most feared and respected organization.

But on the road to riches, a man can become his own worst enemy.

When that happens, the heavens will cry blood and the game will become downright unscrupulous.