Hard and Ruthless Part 2: Test My Gangsta


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After discovering the truth about BLACK's disloyalty, lies, and his past, RHAPSODEE transforms into something she never thought she would become.

Her loyalty is put to the test, while her love for Swerve is still in existence and every day she can smell the aroma from his tantalizing cologne.

Will she run back to the arms of her past or will she continue to ride out with her future?  E-LOVE is trying to walk a straight and narrow path but a tragic event just might force him to get back in savage mode again.

When a beast is reawakened, will the thirst to kill ever get quenched? To avoid the snakes that slither in his garden, E-Love learns he must use brain over brawn as loyalties are forged and broken to remain on top.

Will E-Love learn that lesson in time? Or will his enemies bring him down to his knees? Will the burgeoning love that sprouts go amiss? Will the bloodshed become E-Love's strength or his ultimate weakness?