He Loves Me, He Loves You Not Part 4: Avionne's Return


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BEING A SOCIOPATH AIN'T EASY...WHEN SOMEONE CHOOSES TO LOVE YOU ANYWAY Suffering from severe mother issues, Avionne is spiraling out of control.

Grasping reality is becoming more difficult.

With each day that passes she feels as if the minuscule amount of sanity she has is rapidly slipping through her fingers. Enter Harris Smith.

A new detective assigned to find an escaped and missing Phylicia.

New on the case, Harris tracks down Phylicia's only surviving daughter Avionne and is intrigued by the attractive, intelligent allure of the woman that he encounters.

However, Harris can feel that underneath Avionne's cool facade there is more to her than meets the eye. Avionne feels as if Harris is a breath of fresh air.

A welcome distraction, but a predatory evil; whether he knows it or not.

The girl she used to be used to dream of a man like Harris rescuing her from her misbegotten life, but the woman she had become had no place for a good Samaritan such as Harris.

Avionne knew once the chips fell into place either she or Harris would be worm food meeting their maker...and she wasn't quite ready to dance with the devil.