He Loves Me, He Loves You Not (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

It's been years since their parents were murdered.

Twin sisters Shia and Leigh are trying to readjust to life, while caring for their baby sister Remi.

With the exception of Leigh s angry, dramatic mood swings every now and then, everything seems to be going great.

That is until Demetri; the mysterious stranger enters their midst, and falls right in the path of the newly single Shia.

After dating Trent for so long, she is looking for a man to treat her like a queen, and Demetri is heaven sent...until inexplicable things begin to happen.

When one of her sisters goes missing, and was last seen with Trent and Demetri, Shia suddenly realizes no one is who they appear to be.

The seemingly normal world she and her sisters recreated is destroyed.

Shia begins to realize that her parents' past deeds are coming back to haunt them all and no one can be trusted.

It is unclear to Shia which man truly has her best interest - and safety - at heart.

Staring at the wilted flower she calls life, she is slowly pulling back the layers to try to understand if He loves me, he loves you not...

Book 2

Revenge truly is the sweetest joy....It s been years since Phylicia was committed to a mental ward to pay for her crimes.

As luck would have it, she is presented with an unlikely opportunity that she has no choice but to accept.

This opportunity is perfect, as she had been looking for a way to return to the real world and have her long awaited chance to dance with the devil himself; if that s what it takes.

Natalia, a sexy blast from the past has arrived on the scene to stir things up and shut them down.

If evil had a face it would radiate off of her.

Things seems to be working out in everyone s favor until plans go drastically wrong and the perfect set-up goes up in flames.

It now becomes a game of cat and mouse between two unlikely evils and one unsuspecting male.

Mychea invites readers into a world filled with deceit, dishonesty and numerous plot twists and turns ......the puppetmaster has spoken....let the games begin.

Book 3

Phylicia hits the ground running in this highly anticipated sequel to He Loves Me, He Loves you Not 2 Puppetmaster.

Back to set the record straight and claim what s hers, Phylicia continues her pursuit of Trent.

Not caring who or what gets destroyed in the process, she lands in the rural city of Greensboro, North Carolina to fulfill her undying obsession of him.

A wrench is thrown into her plans when a man named Elliott forces her to rethink her plight and dares to show her what true love can really feel like.

Elliott, a man with a past; recently relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina where he is aiming for a fresh start to his abnormal and chaotic life.

Trying to put the pieces back together after a heart wrenching tragedy took his family away from him, he has sworn off dating until he can get past old demons that continue to plague his mind, body, spirit and life.

That is until he meets one woman that he cannot deny his attraction for and shows him what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object.

Once again Mychea takes readers imaginations on an emotional ride so turbulent that your heart won t be able to stop racing.

Rejoin the lives of the characters you love to root for and discover if love can ever triumph...

or if revenge scores to settle die hard