Heartless Goon: Like Father, Like Son


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JAMICHAEL is intelligent, savvy, book smart and streetwise.

The untimely murder of his beloved mother will force him to call upon each one of his qualities along with that HEARTLESS GOON mentality he inherited from his infamous father, TAURUS.

The streets of Memphis, Tennessee are about to test JaMichael's get down as he tries to provide the necessities for himself and his sister, JAHLIYA, who will face epic struggles herself.

As death and the sins of his father stalk him, JaMichael's heart is being pulled in separate directions by two women who love him in different ways.

Can a goon afford to entertain love with shooters coming for his life? With the world spinning out of control, and the streets looking to slaughter him at every turn, JaMichael must remain heartless in order to prevail.

But will a woman make him weak and render him defenseless against savage opposition?