Heartless Goon Part 3: Ruthless Ambition


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With precious seconds ticking away and JAHLIYA's life on the line, JAMICHAEL will stop at nothing until his sister is back home, safe and sound.

GETTY reveals dark secrets that could explain why Jahliya was taken in the first place, before the unthinkable happens. Meanwhile, The Duffle Bag Cartel calls for more than JaMichael's blood, and wages war on everyone affiliated with the young goon.

JaMichael is forced to go at them head on with ruthlessness and black hearted ambition, thus painting the pavements of the slums in blood. BUBBIE vows loyalty, while TAMIA keeps a rotten trick up her sleeve to push the odds of winning JaMichael's black heart in her favor.

But when the war closes in on JaMichael and the glory of being with a boss turns into destruction and chaos, true natures and hidden agendas rise to the surface.

Who will be the true Queen to stand beside this Heartless Goon, and which woman's snake-like intentions will be exposed?