Heartless Goon Part 5: The Blood of a Legend


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After serving a five-year sentence in the Feds, JAMICHAEL returns to the wild and merciless streets of Memphis, Tennessee, where the odds are stacked against him like never before.

PHOENIX, his fiercest rival, and the leader of the Duffle Bag Cartel has the whole city on lock.

When he demands that JaMichael bow down or get crushed, the young street savage must choose his path carefully or go at the Duffle Bag Cartel with everything he has. Not one to fold, JaMichael moves masterfully in the ultimate game of death.

His sole purpose being to dismantle the Duffle Bag Cartel by any means possible and reestablish his crew of money-getters as the supreme drug crew in the area. Along the way, hearts will be broken, sons will die and mothers will cry.

But which team will be left standing when the blood stops spilling? Can anything or anyone stop this HEARTLESS GOON from becoming king and annihilating his foes?