Heaven Got A Ghetto: Gorillas Pray Too


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The ghetto is a maze that so many have tried to escape, and in that same breath, so many have become lost within.

Heaven has always been a destiny that so many seek to enter, yet, so many will never see.

So, what happens when a street dude named GHETTO finds HEAVEN, a soft-hearted woman?  Two very different people, a dangerous love affair, and a treachery that makes Satan smile.

Could this turn out to be a crooked tale of deception, evil, mixed with good intentions? Is the deck already stacked against this forbidden union? Or perhaps Ghetto will draw a blank card that he can write his own destiny upon.

Either way, his fate will be determined, good or bad.

Conversely, can the right woman change the fate of a hood gangsta gone wrong? Walk with them through the rugged streets, the cemeteries, and the ups and downs of the game as we find out if HEAVEN GOT A GHETTO.

And if she does, will the Devil claim their souls?