Her Man, Mine's Too Part 2: Deadly Games


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BRIAN'S lust for TERRY'S wife has no boundaries and no foreseeable end.

In his own marriage, he tries hard to portray honesty and fidelity, but ALEX is nobody's damn fool.

When she discovers Brian's betrayal, all hell breaks out

Alex seeks revenge by doing to Brian exactly what he's done to her.

But can she cheat without becoming attached to her lover? Will he want more than just a small piece of her? What will happen when the proverbial Pandora's box gets opened? Meanwhile, Brian's affair is becoming messy and dangerous.

Terry is not the type of man who will settle things peacefully when it comes to his wife.

Could this lead to a tragedy far beyond what anyone imagined when the deadly games began in this sequel to HER MAN, MINE'S TOO?