Hope: Incarcerated 25 Years in Federal Prison The Untold


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"Hope" I use the word, "Hope" because my story is all about anticipation. Without hope in prison, you don't have anything. When you read this book, you won't want to put it down. I provide readers with a glimpse of the things I have experienced and seen. My reality is horrific. How we live in prison, no human should have to endure. But, there are things you need to know, things you need to be aware of, just in case you ever have a family member or a friend in prison. This is my story. This is about the 23 years I have spent locked away from my family. Some of the things I talk about, we never tell our families because we want to protect them from the things we have to go through inside these walls of confinement. I'm hoping that my life story will change lives and also give people in prison "Hope"...