How to Start, Run & Grow a Successful Liquor Store Business: A Million Dollar Startup Guide to Success


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How to Start, Run & Grow a Successful Liquor Store Business A Million Dollar Startup Guide to Success I want to make three bold statements, see if they are true.

Enjoying liquor, beer, cigarettes, and tobacco are recession proof habits People in general love convenience Life, in general, has become busier If you agree with these three statements that I am sure you will agree that if you combine these three, you will get the recipe for success.

You see this success in every corner.

In every corner you I am sure see a gas station, a convenience store or a liquor store.

Why? Well because they offer our everyday need products at a very easy and convenient location.

Why not cash in on this successful recipe? If you drive around your city, I am sure you will find at least one or two location where you can still set up a new liquor/convenience store and see huge success.

In this book, I show you a time-tested step by step process of starting a liquor store from start to finish.

If you ever had a dream of opening or starting your own small retail business, this is the time to get started to make that dream a reality.

In This Book I Show You: What and Why open up a Liquor Store Estimated Cost to Open a Liquor store Budget and Finance Business Plan Site Selection Licensing & Permits Incorporating Your Business How to Obtain EIN & Commercial Bank Account Build out/Layout Merchandising, Equipment and Vendor Selection Pricing & POS Grand opening Bookkeeping & Accounting Marketing & Promotion How to Grow your New Business And so much more...