How To Write Urban Books For Money & Fame, Prisoner Edition


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America’s #1 incarcerated author and publishing boss, Mike Enemigo, has taken the urban book world by storm with prison and hood classics like The Best Resource Directory For Prisoners; The Art & Power of Letter Writing For Prisoners; Hood Millionaire; the Money iz the Motive series; and How to Hustle & Win: Sex, Money, Murder Edition. Now he teams up once again with his How to Hustle & Win: Sex, Money, Murder Edition costar, urban crime novelist and TCB author King Guru, to teach YOU the secrets to writing hood classics! Inside this book you will learn the true story of how Mike Enemigo and King Guru have received money and fame from inside their prison cells by writing urban books; the secrets to writing hood classics so you, too, can be caked up and famous; proper punctuation using hood examples; and resources you can use to achieve your money motivated ambitions! If you’re a prisoner who wants to write urban novels for money and fame, this must-have manual will give you all the game!

MIKE ENEMIGO is the new prison/street art sensation who has already written and published several books. He is inspired by emotion; hope, pain; dreams and nightmares. He physically lives somewhere in a California prison cell where he works relentlessly creating his next piece. His mind and soul are elsewhere; seeing, studying, learning, and drawing inspiration to tear down suppressive walls and inspire the culture by pushing artistic boundaries.

THE CELL BLOCK is an independent multimedia company with the objective of accurately conveying the prison/street experience and lifestyle with the credibility and honesty that only one who has lived it can deliver, through literature and other arts, and to entertain and enlighten while doing so. Everything published by The Cell Block has been created by a prisoner, while in a prison cell.