i muder for the dough


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Like most women, IVORY-ANN wanted love and a husband that adored her.

But when she and DERRICK took the sacred vow TIL DEATH DO US PART, Ivory-Ann had no way of knowing exactly what she was getting herself into.

Once their blissful honeymoon period comes to an abrupt end and Derrick becomes her worst nightmare, Ivory-Ann is trapped in a marriage that seems certain to end with her death.

Battered, broken and financially dependent on her husband, she has nowhere to run.

But a chance encounter reunites her with JASON, an old friend who offers her a way out of her prison and a chance to start love anew.

Ivory-Ann jumps at the promising opportunity, but could she be running into the arms of a man even more frightening than the one she's running away from? I LOVE YOU TO DEATH-Five words that will frighten you forever.