I'm His Queen, He's My King


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Queen is a young ambitious woman who just can’t seem to catch a break in life. One setback after another constantly put her faith and sanity to the test. A much-needed blessing helped her get her groove back, until a worldwide pandemic flipped her world upside down. When the Coronavirus struck, King was riding his own rollercoaster ride of hard times. Choosing to use his God-given talents during the pandemic, King went back to the lab and created a classic urban book after receiving some advice from a wise stranger. When King meets Queen, they are both on different paths in life. He was focused on money, she on love. They shared many common interests and laughed a lot together. That made them the best of friends. She showed him how a loyal woman behaved in the presence of another man, and he gave her the uncut, behind the scenes life of a player. Queen saw the raw talent and big heart that hid behind his “Dom persona,” and wanted to save him from ruin. He saw the beautiful Queen that belonged to another man and wished he had her for himself. Queen wanted to mold him into the image of her King, but he had other plans. Follow these two on their outrageous adventures that will make you laugh and cry. See if Queen can teach an old dog new tricks and maybe get King to settle down.