I Ride For My Hitta: A Dallas Love Story


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SCHINA was hardened by the treacherous and unforgiving streets of Dallas, trusting no one except her crew, The Queens: best friends IVORY and NICOLE.

That was until she met MONEY. Calculating and cunningly smooth, Money was able to win what others failed at getting-her heart.

Together, their love was unmatched and she'd follow him into the bowels of hell if it meant keeping him. With a thoroughbred at his side and the help of his right-hand man, BLUE, and her gangstresses, they were able to build a lucrative drug empire. But with more money came great opposition.

Deadly enemies were expected but Money succumbing to his incessant lust for scandalous women wasn't.

And now what they've built is in grave jeopardy of crumbling into nothingness. I RIDE FOR MY HITTA has been the creed she vowed to both live and die by, but with a deadly proposition in place to bring her crew back to notorious glory, will she forsake their love and serve them his head or will it be loyalty over everything?