I Still Ride For My Hitta: A Dallas Love Story Continues


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SCHINA and the Queens, IVORY and NICOLE, are back from Mexico and this time the treacherous streets of Dallas threaten to take more than the ladies are prepared to lose.

The plot thickens

 With a medical condition she wasn't prepared to deal with, a head injury caused by someone who swore to love and protect her, and a husband up to his usual deceitful ways, Schina isn't sure how to proceed.

Her usual plans of chaos and turmoil are hindered by the deceit she faces from someone in her own circle. Facing so many adversaries from so many directions, Schina is ready to throw her hands up and walk away or murder everything in her path. Will bloodshed be her only solution or will she stand by her vow-I STILL RIDE FOR MY HITTA-in spite of all MONEY's betrayals. They say love conquers all, but it can also get a whole lot of people killed in this heartfelt, explosive finale.