If You Cross Me Once


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ZINFANDEL "ZIN" CARTER is beautiful and tenacious.

Her sole mission in life is to become the best criminal defense attorney in Washington, DC so that she can free her father, MICHAEL CARTER, who's in prison for viciously murdering the man who killed Zin's mother. Incarcerated for almost twenty years, Michael's reach to the streets remains strong.

Under his command are a band of killers that murder at his behest.

QURAN, the main hitter of the crew is deadly and purposeful, but when he falls in love with Zin, his view of the world is about to change? Quran's younger brothers, JIHAD and KHITAB, idolize him, and they want nothing more than to please him.

But when secrets are revealed, everyone's lives are at stake.

Quran lives by the tacit rule IF YOU CROSS ME ONCE, you'll cross me twice, and he vows to never let that happen to him. From the mind of ANTHONY FIELDS, the man who brought you The Ultimate Sacrifice series, this highly anticipated story is one that you don't want to miss.