I'm Nothing Without His Love: A Twisted Love Story


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KAMILAH lives the charmed life, as far as wealth and privileges goes, but there's turmoil in her world.

Her heart has been broken and her spirit is crushed.

Money does not bring Kamilah happiness.

Her beauty and intelligence has not won her any man's undying love and loyalty.

But hope could be just a chance meeting away.

CAIRO does not come from a privileged home.

His beginning should've been his end.

But what Cairo has is the will to succeed that cannot be defeated.

His heart has been scarred and his faith in love has waned, until he meets Kamilah.

Coming from opposite backgrounds, these two damaged souls must overcome many obstacles in order to forge a bond that will not be broken.

But few things in life are unbreakable and everlasting.

Will Cairo's love for Kamilah be an exception? Will she flourish in his arms? Or will their story end in heartbreak?