In Love With A Convict: Prince and Nicole's Story (Formerly A Dirty South Love)


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Beautiful Lieutenant NICOLE WRIGHT is the fantasy of every convict at the maximum security prison where she works.

But the furthest thought from her mind is falling in love with one.

She is married to a successful doctor, and although their union is absent of passion, Nicole is content, until she meets PRINCE, a notorious drug dealer who is serving a life sentence for murder.

The moment Nicole set eyes on his hard body, and gets a whiff of his intoxicating bad boy aura, she becomes entranced.

But the former street king abhors the gorgeous corrections officer.

However, Nicole decides not to let Prince's rejection nor her married status stand in the way of a desire so intense, she becomes inflamed with an unquenchable hunger for the prison's bad boy.

Soon, a hot, fascinating, and dangerous affair erupts between the two.

But it comes at an extraordinary price.

Will Nicole put her job, her freedom, and everything she has on the line to help Prince regain his freedom? Or will falling IN LOVE WITH A CONVICT cost her more than she could've ever imagined? The answers lie within as she and Prince embark on a journey that is truly a powerful, once in a lifetime romance.