Jack Boys: The 2nd Amendment


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To Be Aware Is To Be Alive...Jack-Boys is the compelling sequel to one of the best novels to spring from the womb of Milwaukee, To Be Aware Is To Be Alive. This is a follow-up like none other. This book has an all new stream of explosive characters that will leave you with your mouth open, and turning the pages as if you were possessed. (Each one of the characters has their own villainous incentives.) This story will have you zigging when you're supposed to be zagging. Bobbing, when you're supposed to be weaving. And just when you think that you have things figured out, the ending will catch you by surprise and knock you out of your seat. The Bully of the literary world, Bozey Gee, has done it again. Just wait until you read part three, To Be Aware Is To Be Alive...Yardies. Dont forget to go and cop, Alone...A Pimp Story.