Kill Zone : The Beast In Me


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  Death and cold-blooded murder has always been a part of DELONTAE MATHIS' life.

He's reaped the nefarious rewards of his so-called get down, and he's paid his debts for his sins, or has he? When the gates of prison open to free the man known as The Lion, back into a world that can be unforgiving and cruel, will he embrace a new chance to go straight or will the predator inside of him seek its prey? Can a woman's love tame a true beast? Or will a killa always continue to kill? Delontae wants to walk a clean path, but when karma keeps knocking at his door, it forces him into a KILL ZONE that's as familiar to him as his own skin.

When that happens it's do-or-die, and the guns come out.

All is forsaken in a deadly battle to survive mentally and physically once The Lion begins to roar.