Killers on Elm Street (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1:

WOLF is trying his best not to answer the call of the streets in Yonkers, N.Y.

But when his little sister is killed by a local gangsta, he has no choice but to avenge her murder.

Is Wolf built to go gunshot for gunshot with one of the city's most notorious thugs. When Wolf meets BELLA, a beautiful college student whose father is a corrupt FBI agent, he gains a powerful ally.

But at what cost? Will this alliance send Wolf's life spiraling out of control? Meanwhile, there's a war going on in Yonkers, ignited by the robbery of a high ranking Mexican gang member.

Things go from bad to worse when Wolf and his brothers are thrown into the fold.

With so many KILLERS ON ELM STREET, and so many plots against one another, things are about to erupt.

Book 2: 

WOLF is back, and this time he's calling the shots.

All THE KILLERS ON ELM STREET better beware of the most vicious savage amongst them.

When the tried to kill Wolf but failed, they left themselves open for vengeance unlike any they've ever witnessed. Wolf's father, RYAN, a well-respected hitman and MS-13 gang leader Is offered a large amount of money to kill his own son.

Will Ryan accept the assignment and execute his own flesh and blood? Or we he and Wolf team up against the powerful person who wants Wolf dead? Meanwhile, all sorts of murder, mayhem and outright betrayal has turned the streets into a time bomb.

BELLA's stable world is turned upside down when her father is murdered.

But she is in for the shock of her life when she learns who is responsible for the murder.

Will she respect the code of killers? Or will she retaliate with lethal aggression?  

Book 3:

WOLF returns to New York in search of answers in the deaths of his father and sister.

What he's met with is strong opposition from his mother, RITA, and his brother, CB.

But what is it they have to hide? Meanwhile, ANDY is still trying to hold down Yonkers with the help of FORCE and his crew.

But when MAD MAX and his Jamaican brethren want answers from a murder Andy committed years ago, the city will face another bloody massacre.

When the KILLERS ON ELM STREET turn on each other in search of vengeance over old unpaid debts, Yonkers could become the new murder capital of the nation.

Will Wolf lay down his guns once the bullets start to fly and the bodies begin to stack up? Or will he die just as he lived?