King of New York Part 2: Blood Of My Father's Throne


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TRISTAN, the prince of the infamous Vega family, finds himself in a deadly do or die situation that threatens the very core of New York's most powerful crime organization.

How Tristan responds to this threat could determine the fate of everything and everyone he loves, including his envious older brother who refuses to play his position.

SHOW BIZ vows that the only way Tristan will man the throne is over his dead body, and he has no plans of dying anytime soon.

With two strong-willed alpha males pitted against each other, the boroughs of New York will bleed murder and mayhem.

Hide the women and children

With BRITTANY fighting for her life, and PERJAH, Tristan's first real love, in the crosshairs of Show Biz' gun, how will Tristan rescue his ladies and defeat this savage of an enemy? Who will ultimately step upon the throne and wear the distinguished title KING OF NEW YORK?