King of New York Part 5: Money Hungry Savages


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Motivated by piles of dirty money and the need to reign supreme, SHOWBIZ goes on a terror spree with the goal of restoring his family's standing in the dope game.

Opposing him is his blood brother, TRISTIAN, whose narcissism is unmatched.

With untold riches and vast power on the line, this sibling rivalry reaches bloody heights.

In the midst of the Vegas brother's family war, KAMMRON and the infamous Coke Kings, have their sights set on taking over New York city.

Kammron moves meticulously until he sees the right moment to pounce.

Will his strategic mind be savvy enough to break the Vega boys' stronghold? Will Showbiz and Kammron continue to battle each other? Or will they come together against the most deadly Money Hungry Savages they have ever faced? Many men will perish in this brutal but crafty fight to become KING OF NEW YORK.