King of New York (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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Born into a family that's deeply rooted in the drug trade, from the boroughs of New York to his native island of Cuba, TRISTAN is primed to command the powerful, rich and deadly Vega Cartel.

But nothing is ever easy in the city of dreams, which quickly become a gruesome nightmare as The Chosen One inherits the throne. In order to remain THE KING OF NEW YORK, he will have to withstand a series of ruthless attacks.

How he retaliates for these affronts to his power will become the Blueprints of a Legend. Amidst the horde of beautiful women and the glitz and glamour that surround his wealth and notoriety, Tristan must prove, over and over again, that his gangsta is ice cold.

Murder is never a problem with Tristan, but even the best of the best eventually meet their match.