King of the Trap: Blood Money and Mob Ties


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TYSON JˆAN, the son of a heartless Jamaican father, has been groomed to run the family's international drug empire in the event that the patriarch is away.

Battle-tested and fearless, Tyson is equipped to deal with murder, strife and treachery.

But he's about to face a maelstrom of wickedness aimed to bring him down. On the streets of Brooklyn, New York, things get hectic when the many enemies his family has accrued come for blood and revenge the moment his father is away.

In order to remain entrenched with power, Tyson will have to be more beastly than his coldest enemy. In the eye of the storm, Tyson's cold heart is stolen by a female forbidden to him, causing scorn from the woman he made vows to.

The war inside of the home is as deadly as the war Tyson is fighting in the streets.

With so much hatred and venom coming at him, will the KING OF THE TRAP get crushed? Or will he crush everyone who opposes him?