King of the Trap Part 2: Flood The Streets


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The trenches of Brooklyn are up for grabs! The conquering of the borough promises fame and fortune beyond belief, and one man in particular aspires to attain it. TYSON is introduced to a plug that is willing to assist him in his takeover but KING will stop at nothing to force the young prince to bow down before him.

 Meanwhile, after catching his wife in bed with his father, Tyson must find a way to shake off the ultimate betrayal while simultaneously dealing with the full force of the streets that are looking to crush him. ASHLYNN promises that there is more to the story than what meets the eye, while TASIA does everything in her power to convince the young king that she is the one fit to stand beside him.

With intense wars brewing from every angle and the hungry savages of New York looking to annihilate Tyson and his trigger-happy track stars, will Tyson find a way to rise to the top of the game?

Or will he be vanquished by his enemies?