Kingpin Killaz Part 2: Life After Death


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HEINOUS and the last two surviving members of his family are trapped in the proverbial valley of death.

With all odds stacked against him, he must do the unthinkable in order to survive an ambush aimed to totally annihilate him.

Will the losses he suffer bring him to his knees? Or will they turn a savage into a rabid beast? Now that the notorious KINGPIN KILLA is in the gun sights of Chicago's most powerful and ruthless kingpins, every move he makes must be done with caution and precision.

One false step and Heinous' life is over. Meanwhile, a crooked cop is out to bring Heinous down by going after YANI, the love of his life.

When a man is forced into a compromising position, and he must choose street principles or matters of the heart, which way will he turn? Will he stand on honor, even at the risk of sacrificing his woman? Or will he show a weakness that was unforeseen?