Kingpin Killaz Part 3 : Extended Clips And No Remorse


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After outlasting a multitude of enemies, HEINOUS collects the spoils of war, and immediately heads South to rebuild.

But the paradise he seeks won't be handed to him on a silver platter.

In fact, a surprisingly deadly situation awaits his arrival. With law enforcement and ROMAN VELEZ, the head of the Mala Noche Cartel, gunning for him at every turn, Heinous must find a way to rise above the cold-blooded assaults to reign supreme.

Amidst the bloodletting, he's preoccupied with juggling the hearts of two women whom pledge their undying love and loyalty to him.

Will the certified head banger lose focus? Or will his women strengthen his tenacity in the unforgiving game that he yearns to rule over? The KINGPIN KILLAZ are on the prowl, bringing along Extended Clips and No Remorse.

The treachery and suspense is thick.

The warfare is unrelenting.

The love is as lethal as the villains willingness to kill.

In the end, what will determine the legacies of those who risk their lives to sit upon a throne?