Kingpin Killaz: The Hunger For Supremacy


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Order Your Copy Of Kingpin Killaz by Hood Rich for an inmate today at HEINOUS is his name.

Money, murder, savagery and women is his game.

Chicago, Illinois a.k.a.

Chiraq is about to be forced to bow to a smooth talking, animalistic terror who's been born and bred in its worst slums.

Backed by a crew of blood thirsty, cold-hearted head knockers, Heinous refuses to bow down to the deeply entrenched organizations that rule the streets.

His defiance breeds contempt and he immediately becomes target of every gunman with a hot bullet in their clip.

True gangstaz don't run from trouble, they run to it

So, the clap back from Heinous and his team is fierce as he sets out to annihilate all those who want him dead.

In the bloody battle for supremacy, Heinous' squad earns much more than riches and respect.

They also earn the title of KINGPIN KILLAZ.

Will this exalted title be a declaration of their success? Or will it ultimately be the thing that brings them down?